Our services


Hard-shell bike carrier case rental

We rent hard-shell carry cases for bikes. It is the ideal solution when you travel by air with your bike. And this only costs $5/day.



We carry out alignments, tire repairs and various adjustments, all at very reasonable set prices.



Are you uncomfortable on your bike? Do you feel discomfort as you ride? Let us position you with the help of our specialized system. The more comfortable you are on your bike, the longer you can ride! Positioning is included when you purchase a new bike. This service is also available by appointment for $60.



We also have the following maintenance packages:


Minor adjustments and lubrication

59.99$ + parts and taxes


This service is recommended for bikes that have been properly cleaned and require only minor adjustments and annual lubrication. This service includes:


  • Basic cleaning and lubrification of the chain

  • Lubrification of the cables and pivot points

  • Wheel, pedal and steering system inspection and adjustment

  • Brake and derailleur gear inspection and adjustment

  • Wheel alignment and verification of tire pressure


Preventive maintenance

119.99$ + parts and taxes

This service is strongly recommended every 2-3 years for all bikes. Our advanced tune-up includes cleaning and intensive lubrication essential for all bikes. This service includes the basic tune-up and:


  • Complete removal and thorough cleaning of the gear system

  • Thorough lubrication of the freewheel and chain

  • Thorough cleaning and lubrication of the brakes and the derailleur gear system

  • Advanced wheel alignment

  • Cleaning and lubrication of the pedals

  • Cleaning of the frame


The best preventive maintenance

179.99$ + parts  and taxes

This service is recommended every 3-5 years. It covers inspection of the entire bike. This service includes both the basic and the advanced tune-up and:


  • Complete dismantling, cleaning, lubrication and reassembling of the hubs and the steering system

  • Frame inspection and derailleur gear lubrication


N.B. The price of this tune-up varies depending on the bike, as some bikes have sealed ball bearing that cannot be taken apart. Come to the store for a free estimate