Spinning is a group activity performed using stationary bikes to the rhythm of lively music. Listening to music during exercise reduces the feeling of effort. Also, group training in a comfortable environment is more motivating, and allows you to keep your motivation high throughout the winter. These two positive aspects of spinning create an atmosphere conducive to special training that improves your physical condition.


Whoever your instructor might be, you will benefit from a spinning session at Cycle Outaouais. After a session, you will have a smile on your face; after a month of training, you will be motivated; and in April, you will have the physical condition you need to fulfill your objectives. And you will have accomplished all this in the company of pleasant people who are as determined as you and in a motivating environment.


Payment by unit or session card

(1 session = 1 one-hour course)


  • 1 Session : 10.00$ + Taxes

  • 10 Sessions : 90.00$ + Taxes

  • 20 Sessions : 170.00$ + Taxes

  • 30 Sessions : 240.00$ + Taxes

  • 40 Sessions : 300.00$ + Taxes

  • 50 Sessions : 350.00$ + Taxes



Evening courses – One-hour sessions


  • Monday : 18h3o (open to everyone)

  • Wednesday : 18h30 (open to everyone)

  • Saturday : 9h30 (open to everyone)


To participate to the regular classes simply contact us. We take the reservations one week at the time, so there is always room for everyone!



Cycle Outaouais, 1955 St-Louis, Gatineau

Phone : (819) 568-4871

Email : cycleoutaouais@videotron.ca